What problem are we solving?

Cold calling is an effective lead-gen source but it is also time intensive, inefficient and requires significant regulatory compliances.

It is very difficult to scale and systematize cold-calling. If you make your own calls, you are spending valuable time better used on higher-value tasks. The other DIY option — hiring a cold-caller from Fiverr or Upwork — puts you at significant risk of running afoul the US Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) which can result in hefty fines and expensive litigation. Additionally, this still leaves you with the problem of training, managing, and ensuring the quality assurance of your caller.

What is our solution?

A professional, land-focused, cold-calling company that takes the headaches of legal compliance, training, management, and quality assurance off your plate and hands you warm leads for your deal pipeline.

We are a one-stop shop for cold-calling lead generation. Our services include: pulling owner lists, obtaining high-quality skip-tracing data, TCPA known litigator and DNC scrubbing, hiring, training, daily campaign management, daily KPI reporting, and ensuring campaign quality assurance.

Cold-calling can be used as a stand-alone lead gen source, or it can be layered into your direct mail or SMS campaigns as a way to follow-up with your targeted owners.

Why Now?

What is the cost of not incorporating cold-calling into your land business?

There is a percentage of land owners who respond best to person-to-person phone conversations. Although direct mail, SMS, and paid ads all have their place, land investors leave considerable lead generation opportunities on the table when they don’t incorporate cold-calling into their deal pipelines.

As the land investing space gets more popular and direct mail loses some of its effectiveness, the best land investors are looking for ways to set themselves apart and access untapped lead potential.

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Any land professional looking for off-market sellers! We have developers, builders, flippers and realtors as clients. In order to handle the lead flow, it is recommended that clients hire a VA to assist with dealing with the warm leads sent by Land Caller. 

That’s up to you! Over half our clients use Land Caller as their sole source of lead gen. Other clients like to use a layered, multi-touch marketing approach. Cold-calling and direct mail, in particular, work in a complimentary way. After we call a list we can generate a “did not contact” list for you to mail. This means you mail a much smaller list and save significant marketing dollars!

For a campaign targeting 12,000 property owners, the cost of conducting a Direct Mail campaign would be ~$8,700-$9,700 based on industry averages. The cost to cold-call the same list with Land Caller is $3,450, a cost savings of ~60-70% on average. The costs in this example include all data and skiptracing costs.

A single caller will dial between 10,000 and 13,000 property owners in 4 weeks worth of calling. Note that this a rule of thumb designed to optimize your caller’s time. We have NO LIMIT on the number of calls made so we are trying all your numbers multiple times throughout the calling period!

We use a variety of time and data tested methods to get pickups. These include trying your numbers on different days, different times of day and using a variety of area codes. 

Your leads will be uploaded directly to your CRM, usually within an hour of the conclusion of the call. If you don’t have a CRM, no worries! We can send your leads to a shared Google Sheet. Clients can also opt for live-transfer of calls (although our data doesn’t suggest that warm transfers lead to a higher close rate, in fact, it can backfire in instances where the lead doesn’t have time for a longer conversation, for this reason it is not recommended).

A lead is any seller who is interested in selling their vacant land off-market. That being said, we customize our scripting to suit each client’s specific needs and strategies. The lead funnel can be tightened or loosened based on qualifying criteria such as a ranged offer, no HOA, land-locked properties, etc. 

This depends on a wide variety of factors, including what type of lead you choose to receive. However, most clients receive between 40-100 high quality leads each month. With our average client profiting >$15,000 per deal closed, you can see how Land Caller pays for itself!

Yes! We can pull property records from the top data providers (Black Knight and Data Tree). Because of our bulk discounts, we offer significant cost savings for our customers vs if they were pulling data themselves. 

Successful cold-calling relies heavily on accurate data. Because there are varying degrees of accuracy in skip-tracing options, we require that we skip-trace all property lists. We receive discounted rates from one of the very best skip-tracing companies (our source provides the data for TransUnion, Equifax and Experian) and pass savings along to our customers!

Our caller vetting, hiring and training process is extensive. We don’t take brand new cold-callers and we provide land-specific training. In order to offer our customer’s competitive rates, we must be able to forecast how many callers we will need. The only way to do this is by offering our services on contracted periods.

We have two call center locations, one in Egypt and one in Belize. Our callers are fluent in English, have little-to-no accent, and always have previous real estate cold-calling experience. Unlike most companies, our callers work in person, this allows us to control variables such as internet speed, hardware and floor management. 

Yes, every caller goes through our Land Caller training package which includes teaching them about the land investing profession, typical seller profiles, common terms and in-depth role playing exercises. 

Not at this time, but we are working on making this available for our customers very soon!

We do not offer SMS lead generation. We believe that the increasing regulations are restrictions on SMS marketing do not make it a top lead generation method.