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Maximizing your ROI with a Lead-Generating Call Center

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Mission Statement

Providing land investor clients with professional cold-calling lead generation services and delivering consistent off-market seller leads. 

What Sets Land Caller Apart?


The First

We are the first (and only) cold-calling lead gen company focused on vacant land investors.


Always Data Driven

Providing daily KPI reporting as well as constant split-testing to ensure campaign optimization.


Easily Scalable

We grow with you and provide customized lead-generation solutions for clients large and small.


The Experience

All callers have previous experience real estate cold-calling experience, no newbies! In addition, we are land investors ourselves and know the kind of leads land investors need.


Niche Specific

Calling operations which incorporate methods used by the U.S. military forces for building instant rapport and trust — resulting in high-quality leads for our customers.


No Limits

We never limit you to a certain number of calls or dials. We are running a campaign for you, not just making calls. That means better KPIs, customizations and more leads. Something our competition can’t match. 

Maximizing your ROI Crafted for Land Investors
Maximizing your ROI Crafted for Land Investors

Our Leads

The leads we deliver to our customers are off-market sellers looking to get rid of their vacant land. 

Our callers are trained to develop rapport with sellers immediately, discover motivation, and understand their problems. This arms you with the information you need to solve their problem and close the deal!

Want to Learn More?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or book a discovery call so we can discuss your strategies and take your land investing business to the next level.


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