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About Land Caller

Our motto in business as it is in life is “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam”, Latin for “To God Be the Glory”. Our faith underlies everything we do in life, including building a business which provides excellent service and outstanding results for our clients and fair pay and a great opportunities for our people. 

Our story goes back to when our founder, Joe Roberts, first got involved in buying vacant land after years of investing in Single and Multifamily real estate. Like most land investors, his primary lead generation method for years was using direct mail, but after seeing some market saturation with his direct mail campaigns and in search of a way to increase his lead flow, Joe hit upon cold-calling. Cold-calling is a rarely used method in an industry dominated by mailers. He leveraged the interpersonal soft skills developed during his time spent as a trainer and instructor in the US Marine Corps to develop cold-call leads and saw immediate results in his land business.

Convinced of the untapped potential, Joe knew he needed someone familiar with the inner-workings of a real estate company to help him bring the company to life. He approached John about partnering to form a company which would hyper-focus on cold-call lead generation for land investors. With Joe’s niche specific experience and John’s background in real estate finance, management, and accounting, the partnership was formed and Land Caller was born.

Our Team


Joe Roberts

Hi there! I’m Joe Roberts. I’m a husband, father, an entrepreneur, a USMC combat veteran and former attack helicopter pilot. I started building my real estate business while on active duty and despite multiple deployments around the world, I built a real estate rental portfolio that eventually allowed me to exit the Marine Corps and pursue my entrepreneurial goals full-time.

My wife Colby and I have 5 kids and we live on a small farm in North Carolina. When not talking about real estate I love hiking, hunting, coaching sports, attending Mass, cheering for the Colorado Avalanche and watching The Office.

Co-Founder, COO

John Lowrey

Hey! I’m John Lowrey. I attended Ave Maria University in Southwest, Florida with a scholarship to run cross country where I earned my bachelor’s degree in accounting. Since then, I have diversified my skillsets into a number of fields including real estate accounting, home renovation, customer relations and sales.

Keniqua Vasquez

General Manager

Greetings from the heart of our operations! I’m Keniqua, Land Caller’s General Manager. With 7 years in of experience in the world of cold calling, I’ve honed my skills  over the past 5 years a diverse set of management roles including operations, quality assurance and training. My mission? Transforming every conversation from a call into a valuable connection. I’m passionate about perfecting customer interactions, and when I’m not analyzing calls, I’m immersed in novels, writing, or exploring the great outdoors. To me, a successful call combines professionalism, warmth, and a dash of adventure.  

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